Services For Foreigners

Services For Foreigners

Our real estate agents speak fluent English and Russian. They are prepared to carefully listen to the individual demands and needs of our clients, and search the market for the appropriate property and ensure a quick and smooth transfer of ownership rights. In the case of clients who are not citizens of the Czech Republic it is necessary to arrange the following matters:

  • For you, a citizen of a member state of the EU we will arrange the appropriate residence permit
  • For clients who do not come from member states of the EU we will arrange a visa, residence permit and found a company which we will thereinafter administer including tax payment and carrying out accounting

In your absence we will gladly represent you and arrange all necessary:

  • Transfers of energy
  • Telephone lines, Internet, satellite and cable connections
  • Parking permits
  • Insurance
  • Reconstruction in cooperation with contractors, architects and designers

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